Our Vision.
A different tax advisor.

This is Unum Tax

Together we, the founders of Unum Tax, have a long and extensive experience as tax lawyers. We are all passionate about helping our clients navigate in the ever-changing tax climate.

Recently, an insight has grown strong within us, that our field of business needs something new and different to best meet our clients requirements of competence, but also integrity. We want to create the ultimate workplace where loyalty, equality  and inclusiveness are key factors. Therefore, it was an easy decision to found Unum Tax.

Clients have expressed the importance of being able to receive timely, flexible and customized advice. Further, advice is increasingly being sought from actors who are solely devoted to tax advising. With that insight, it goes without saying, that Unum Tax is a completely independent firm. Our only focus is your tax issues and giving you and your company sustainable tax advice.

A simple choice

For you to choose us as your tax partner, we are confident that we in addition to our relevant and profound tax law competence, must have employees who have good knowledge of your situation and every day are prepared to add that little extra. It may be that we are proactive and contact you when we believe an advice can be beneficial to you, that we are able to think new and find new perspectives, or that we simply dare to be uncomfortable and challenge old ways of thinking.

Our view on how to best achieve this, based on our long experience in the industry, is that all team members should be involved in our daily business. Furthermore, real equality is a must. This way, we create a dynamic that generates commitment which leads to individuals flourishing, which in turn lifts the entire firm’s competence.